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Additional Home Intent Config

These settings are for globally changing how Home Intent works.

Home Intent enable beta or all

The intent settings override all other config, so whatever is in customization.yaml will not take effect. These are really intended for power users who want to test beta functionality or developers during testing.


Option Description Required/Default
beeps Enable to use Home Intent beeps, disable for Rhasspy beeps True
enable_beta Enables intents in beta. Overrides customization.yaml False
enable_all Enables all intents - beta or otherwise. Overrides customization.yaml False


To use Home Intent beeps, Rhasspy and Home Intent need to be running in the same container, which is the default setup. So, if you have separate Rhasspy and Home Intent instances, the Home Intent beeps and overrides will not work and should be set to False.

Example in config.yaml:

  enable_beta: true