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A basic timer component for setting, and one day managing timers.

Home Intent currently does not keep track of state on its own, so if Home Intent restarts, all set timers will be lost.


Add the following to your config.yaml to enable the timer:


Example Sentences

  • Set timer 90 seconds
  • set timer one and half minutes
  • set timer one hour and thirty minutes
  • set a four minute timer
  • set a five and a half hour timer


We did try allowing "set timer for 30 seconds", but found that the "for" would routintely get confused with a "four" and the timer would be set incorrectly. So it's been removed for now.

Advanced Customization

The timer components can be customized using the customization json with the filename /config/customizations/timer.yaml. The alarm sound can be changed by placing a wav file at /config/timer/alarm.wav.