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Advanced Rhasspy Config

The default Rhasspy configuration is designed to work with the default docker based installation. The config most likely needed to be changed are the microphone_device and sounds_device options. However, Home Intent can be setup to work with an external Rhasspy instance.

Setting up the microphone_device and sounds_device is described in the audio config section.

Rhasspy web interface

The Rhasspy web interface can be accessed at http://localhost:12101 by default. It can be useful for debugging to see how things are configured.


Option Description Required/Default
url The URL for your Rhasspy instance "http://localhost:12101"
mqtt_host External MQTT host hooked up to Rhasspy and Home Intent "localhost"
mqtt_port External MQTT port 12183
mqtt_username External MQTT username
mqtt_password External MQTT password
microphone_device The pyaudio device number representing the microphone
sounds_device The aplay device identifier for playing back sounds
externally_managed A boolean value to set if the Rhasspy instance is externally managed false

Example in config.yaml:

  microphone_device: 11
  sounds_device: "default:CARD=PCH"