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Get File Function

Deprecation Notice

This method has been moved into the Home Intent object and will be removed in Home Intent 2022.02.0. The new version follows the same semantics, but supports internationalization.

Home Intent uses a custom file loading function that will first check if a file exists in /config otherwise it'll load the file from the default_configs folder in the source code.

This allows users to easily replace parts of components like lists of colors or sounds. This can also be useful when creating custom components, as users can add component code to /config/custom_components and any associated files to /config.

from home_intent import get_file


def color(self):
    color_file = get_file("home_assistant/colors.txt")
    colors = color_file.read_text().strip().split("\n")
    return {color: color.replace(" ", "") for color in colors}


When loading a file related to a component, it's best to put it in a folder that references the component's name. In the example above, files will be loaded from the home_assistant folder in /config or Home Intent's default_configs folder.