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External Rhasspy Setup

Home Intent can work with a pre-existing Rhasspy setup. It will automatically update slots, add sentences to intents/home_intent.ini, and retrain Rhasspy after initialization all based on whatever integrations are enabled. It just needs to point to where the Rhasspy instance is and be connected to its MQTT instance.

Here's an example docker-compose setup with how to get it going:

version: "3.9"

      image: ""
      container_name: homeintent
      restart: unless-stopped
          - "/PATH_TO_CONFIG/config:/config"
          - "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro"
          - "11102:11102"

From there, in the rhasspy section of config.yaml, you need to set externally_managed to true, and connect it to your Rhasspy and MQTT instance.

  externally_managed: true
  url: "http://my-custom-rhasspy-instance:12101"
  mqtt_host: "my-custom-mqtt-host"
  mqtt_port: 1883

Notably, the microphone_device and sounds_device Rhasspy settings will no longer take effect and setting custom sound effects will not work. But you can always change those with the normal Rhasspy settings.

From there you can finish setting up integration via the UI or config.yaml.